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Comment Letters

Comment letters will be received until January 10th 2022 - That's It!

County Officials MUST receive our comment letters or else they'll understandably assume nobody cares or is concerned; this is why the public comment system was created - we must use it!

It's easy - Choose to online form, send an email or write a letter

(sourced from the SEPA determination notice)

  • Online: Submit comments online at
    Note: The Online comment form has a 600 character limit

  • Email: Send your comments by email to Alan Peters, Community Development Director, at, or for maximum impact send to the recipient list included below 

  • Mail: Mail your comments to the Skamania County Community Development Department, PO Box 1009, Stevenson, WA 98648

  • In Person: Drop off your written comments at the Skamania County Courthouse Annex, 170 NW Vancouver Ave, Stevenson WA, 98648


Additional details for some of the methods included below.

Send an Email

  1. Email to as many of the contacts listed in the Contacts section below as you can. At a minimum you must send to Alan Peters

  2. Consider using the following simple template (copy and paste):


Subject: J.L. Storedahl and Sons, Inc. Quarry on Kellett Rd.

Dear Alan Peters (or Richard Mahar, etc. See email list below):

I’m writing to share my concerns related to the proposed commercial rock quarry located off Kellett Rd.

Replace this text with your specific concerns and issues (safety, noise, quality of life, impact on wildlife, property values, other).  See the list of common concerns below.

Alternatively, mail or email an actual letter​

Writing an email is quick and effective, but a written letter with a signature can be extra compelling. Consider writing a letter, signing it and emailing a scan or photo, or you can of course snail-mail it (USPS).

  1. Download the comment letter template file - Word Format or Text Format OR you can of course hand write a letter, in fact that would be very impressive!

  2. Open the file and edit as needed. You do not need to write a story, you can simply state what you are concerned with (see common concerns below), add any emotions you are feeling and be done.

  3. There are 3 main parts to update:

    1. Your name and address at the top​

    2. Your specific concerns and issues

    3. Your name at the bottom (and signature)

  4. Scan or take a photo of your letter with your smart phone

  5. Email to as many of the contacts listed in the Contacts section below, at a minimum you must send to Alan Peters 

Common Concerns to Include in Comment Letter

  • Quality of life will be negatively impacted by constant heavy dump truck traffic all day

  • Safety:

    • Children walking to bus stops and pets that wander onto the road will now need to contend with massive, rock laden dump trucks driving through the neighborhood

    • Trucks approaching the crosswalk at the bottom of the steep grade on Salmon Falls Rd. pose serious danger to pedestrians

    • Traffic impact, truck breakdowns and poor weather. As you know Mabee Mines can be treacherous with snow and ice, sometimes SR14 can be fine when Mabee Mines is very different. How often will we have trucks sliding off the road or spinning their tires unable to make the grade?

    • Numerous private roads and driveways along Mabee Mines Rd, many with short sight distances

  • Disruption to wildlife. Many deer and elk move through our rural community and that will change with hundreds of daily dump trucks

  • Noise

  • Greatly reduced property values for decades - you must disclose the mine if you plan to sell your property


Send Comments To

Note: After the recipient list is a special list of email addresses meant to be copied and pasted into your email recipient field, this will save you needing to type them individually.

Copy and paste the following into your email "TO" field to save time (tip: 3x click on the text to select it all, then copy it):

"Alan Peters"<>;"Richard Mahar"<>;"Tom Lannen"<>;"Bob Hamlin"<>;"Tim Elsea"<>;"Jeff Barsness"<>;"Casey Gatz"<>;"Connie Acker"<>;"Molly Coston"<>;"Mabee No Mines"<>;

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