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On this page you can access useful documents related to the quarry. When possible or appropriate, all documents are provided in PDF format which can be easily opened, viewed and printed on just about any computer or phone in the world.
In some cases files may be provided in other formats so that you can edit them on your computer or phone.

Comment Letter Templates

  1. Comment Letter Template - Microsoft Word format.

    A Word template that you can edit and add your personal concerns and thoughts.

  2. Comment Letter Template - Simple Text File format.

    A simple text file template if you don't have Microsoft Word. You can easily edit this template to add your own concerns and feelings.


Quarry Application Documents

  1. Conditional Use Application Intake Checklist - PDF

  2. Site Plan Checklist - PDF

  3. Conditional Use Permit Application - PDF
    Complete application including plot maps, impact studies and expected traffic. This is a sobering read; if you want to understand the impact of the quarry on your neighborhood, read this document.

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